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Since the 1950s, Zimmer Radio has been helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through radio advertising. We provide free radio entertainment and information to thousands of listeners in the 'Four State Area' (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma). We use the latest tools and the most straightforward strategies to help businesses grow using our radio stations.

92% of Americans listen to the radio each week. 59% of Americans listen to the radio every single day. Therefore, radio ads are an essential way for a business to reach the target audience. Some of whom your business can reach daily. Radio ads are also a great way to reach people who are not online very often or do not have a significant social media presence.

Branding Joplin MO

Zimmer Radio is an affordable way to build brand awareness. The creative services department will work with you to create a branding message that highlights what sets your business apart from the competition. Consistent and frequent messaging will help customers think of your company first once they are ready to buy.

Radio Endorsements

More than half of all radio listeners are influenced by the opinions of their favorite on-air personalities. A radio personality who endorses your business live is providing controlled 'word of mouth' advertising. Radio endorsements are more conversational and relatable. Thus, listeners will be more compelled to take action. On-air endorsements can be more special than a regular commercial because of the personal touch the talent is a social influencer. Plus, listeners do not have to worry about missing a commercial. The trust a listener has for an on-air personality can transfer to your business. 81% of listeners consider the on-air host of their favorite radio station a friend or family member.

Live Broadcasts

The radio hosts at Zimmer Radio Joplin MO are happy to do live broadcasts from your place of business. Remote broadcasts are an excellent way for new companies to get attention and foot traffic. Our remote broadcasts can make a special event your company is having feel like a party, which will be reflected in sales. A live direct broadcast can help introduce a new product or a special promotion. Our six radio stations reach 300,000 listeners each month. So a live direct broadcast will enhance the turnout for your event.

Jingles Zimmer Radio

A jingle is one of the best ways to remember a radio ad because it involves music. It is also one of the most affordable ways to advertise your business. Zimmer Marketing has a partnership with award-winning jingle writer Bill Turpen. We will create the perfect jingle to make your company feel special.

People listen to the radio in different ways (in the car, on a device, and at home on Alexa). Audio, such as radio ads, engages the mind better than print media. Radio ads support digital marketing, which can be combined to keep costs down. Radio ads can increase your return on investment. $12 in sales for every $1 spent on radio ads, to be exact.

For more information about Zimmer radio ad Joplin MO, please call 417-624-1025. You can also fill out your information on the contact form. Subscribe to our 'Four States Small Business' blog. Learn how to brand your business at Zimmer Marketing's Brandsformation workshops in the Fall and Spring.

Radio Ad Joplin MO
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Radio Ad Joplin MO Radio Ad Joplin MO Radio Ad Joplin MO
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