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Digital Promotions

Zimmer Marketing’s digital promotions provide advertisers the opportunity to interact and engage with our thousands of listeners online, on social media, and on-air. These digital promotions include online quizzes, sweepstakes, sports Pick ‘Ems, photo/video submission contests, and more.  Find out how you can pair radio with a digital promotion to yield a higher return on your investment.

Are you looking to?

  • Generate warm, workable leads
  • Increase foot traffic to your place of business
  • Increase website traffic, get more Facebook likes, and increase social media engagement
  • Build your email database
  • Collect consumer data and insights

Digital Promotions are a great tool for reaching customers who have already begun their buyer’s journey. These promotions are effective at converting middle of the funnel (MOFU) prospects into customers. If you would like to identify qualified leads for your business or acquire powerful lead intelligence to build your database, consider utilizing a digital promotion. Check out these 6 tips for using digital promotions.

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