Build Your Brand With a 21 52 Advertising Plan

Using a 21 52 Advertising Plan to Build Your Brand

At Zimmer Marketing we teach our advertising partners the BrandsFormation System. This simple, but proven formula shows that the path to revenue growth for your business is through branding. This system is made up of 4 principles:
  • Strategy

  • Using a Strategy-Based Message (via Bricks and Mortar)

  • Consistency

  • Dominant Frequency

Our marketing consultants and Creative Services Department will work with you to determine an effective strategy and strategy-based message. Our bread and butter is telling your story in a compelling manner that will resonate with our audiences.

The partnership, and your brand’s success, hinges upon your commitment to consistency and frequency.

McDonald’s, GEICO, Nike…these brands are ingrained in our minds and it wasn’t by accident. These brands took years to create, and the same will be true for your small business.

To turn your good business into a great, local brand, you don’t need a Nike-sized advertising budget. But, you do need strategy, consistency, and sufficient frequency. Research shows that consumers need to be exposed to an ad at least 3 times a week before it leaves an impact.

At Zimmer Marketing, we advocate using a 21 52 advertising plan in order to achieve consistency and the minimum frequency of 3. With a 21 52 plan, your messaging runs 21 times per week for 52 weeks a year. Your brand is competing with local and national brands on a daily basis in the minds of consumers. In order to make a lasting impression and to win mental real estate, you have to dominate a specific audience or station.

When it comes to your advertising budget, we like to say “fill up your cup.” Focus on dominating an audience, or filling up your cup, one channel at a time to get the best return on your investment. If you spread your budget too thin across different channels, or try to fill too many cups, you won’t have an impact on consumers. Your message will be lost and your money wasted. To win mental real estate, you need to fill one cup at a time, and the way to do that is with a 21 52 advertising plan.