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Our Listeners Are Your Customers, Zimmer Radio is the number one, most listened to media group in Joplin MO and the surrounding Four State Area. Check out how we’re different from our competition here.

Our 6 stations reach over 300,000 different consumers (12+) each month. Further, each of our stations has an established, distinct brand with its own unique audience. With this position, we’re able to successfully market your business to different groups of consumers on different stations. Radio listening listen is still HUGE and in America radio is used by 91% of adults, or 272 million people every week. If you want to be Joplin famous, then you need to call Zimmer Marketing.

Contact us today to find out which station, or combination of stations, will deliver you the right audience to accomplish your advertising goals.

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Zimmer Radio

Mainstream/Heritage Country

Visit KIX 102.5


News and Talk

Visit Newstalk KZRG


Top 40/Contemporary Hit Radio

Visit Kissin 92.5


Classic Hits

Visit Classic Hits 93.9


Mainstream Rockk

Visit Big Dog 97.9


Digital Marketing

Zimmer Marketing


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