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The secret to successful advertising is having a great message and then replicating that message over and over. But how do you know if you have a great message?

Your message needs to be memorable; it must resonate with its audience. Let’s face it, if people don’t think about you when they need your product or service, your advertising dollars have been wasted! The easiest way to guarantee your message is remembered–is with music.

We all learn words to songs, regardless of our interest in the subject matter or whether or not we even like the song or melody. Music with repetition forces a memory. Music with repetition creates ear-worms that get stuck in our heads and stays there. So why not teach your potential clients your message in a song? Yes, jingles work! Jingles are an affordable tool that takes the guesswork out of advertising. Want to get the most out of your advertising dollar?

Zimmer Marketing is the only media group in the area to partner with author and jingle creator Bill Turpen. Bill has created thousands of jingles over the past 25 years. Bill and his team have been presented with numerous awards in the jingle/music industry, including Grammy’s, Country Music Awards, Addy’s, and more.

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Our jingle option will give you multiple songs that you can use in perpetuity. You can use your jingle for any marketing effort, from on-air to online to on-hold messaging. Zimmer Marketing Joplin’s premier marketing agency can create a custom audio campaign for your business.

Listen to some examples of our work below.

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