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Classic Hits 93.9

Classic Hits 93.9 broadcasts the songs that define American musical excellence. Classic Hits plays the classic songs that we grew up with, the ones that even today’s generation know the words.

These songs take us back to those remember when moments. Classic Hits radio plays the most popular songs from artists like Billy Joel, Journey, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Stevie Wonder, and more.

Classic Hits 93.9’s signal can be heard in over 20 counties by more than 80,000 consumers. With its fun and upbeat style, Classic Hits 93.9 is a favorite for at-work and in-store listening.

Classic Hits 93.9 listeners tend to be decision-makers with plenty of disposable income.

Classic Hits 93.9 is home to Thom Watts, voted Favorite Radio Personality by the readers of the Pittsburg Morning Sun.

Classic Hits 93.9 Personalities


Thom Watts



Jenn Wilson



Joel Norman


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KJMK Coverage Map
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