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A professional website is not just the cornerstone of your online brand, but critical for your overall success. Just having a Facebook page is not enough to build a strong online presence. No matter the size of your business, a website is something that your customers expect you to have. Consider your website a digital brochure or a 24-hour sales staff.

If you already had a website designed for you, it may need a refresh. It is very important that your website is mobile responsive, which means it displays correctly on mobile devices. A vast majority of people use their cell phones or tablet to surf the web. If your site is not mobile-friendly, you could lose out on potential customers.

Today’s web traffic from mobile devices equates to almost 52% of all site traffic.  It’s vital the mobile version of your site is as good as your desktop version.

4-Step Web Development Joplin MO Plan

Zimmer Marketing uses a 4-step web design process to develop and deploy each site. We start with the cornerstone to any effective site, which is keyword research. We start with a great keyword foundation before we start any coding or graphic development. If a site is designed only with the look and feel in mind–that is a recipe for disaster! Your site must be found by search engines so content is the first critical step.

Our goal is to get your site found on the first page of Google search results. 81% of all search clicks are happening on the first page of search results. Only 15% migrate to page two.  You can see why keyword research is critical to a site’s design process.  Zimmer Marketing starts with a keyword foundation before we start with the look, feel and cool design elements.

Your site must have continual fresh content on a regular basis. Just launching a page won’t be enough; you must have fresh content to rank via search engines.  This is part of the Zimmer Marketing web development plan.

Web Site Design Joplin MO by Zimmer Marketing

We can design via WordPress, which has a search engine friendly code and are easy to update. Once your site is live, we will teach you how to update your site, or we can manage it for you. Just contact us and we can help you get started.

Web Hosting Joplin MO

Zimmer Marketing hosts all the websites we build; we want to make sure your site is secure and on a robust server network. Another mission-critical point to website development is the speed of your site load.  Your site must be fast for Google and for potential customers trying to find you.

Zimmer Marketing Joplin MO is a full-service marketing agency focusing on web development, SEOSEM, OTT, video production and drone video located in Joplin, Missouri, and offering services across the United States.

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See the process of updating a website and what it looked like for one of our advertising partners, Allied Restaurant Supply.

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Improve your online and presence and get the most out of your marketing. Reserve a complimentary digital and social media assessment for your business today. Just click below.

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