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Recruitment Services

Radio advertising connects a human voice to your brand in a way that digital and newspaper ads can’t—there are endless opportunities for creative storytelling that weaves in emotion and logic. That makes radio a fantastic recruitment tool if your company is looking to find good employees and fill positions while growing awareness.

Radio recruitment ads can detail information such as the type of employee you’re seeking and the work ethic you require, making it a good way to let all listeners know about your brand’s mission and company culture.

Recruiting on the radio can build your brand even among people who aren’t prospective employees but may be prospective customers. That’s because listeners are still hearing your name repeatedly, and getting to know the values at your core.

Radio unlike a digital job listing, reaches employed people on their way to and from work throughout the day. Maybe they’re tired of missing their daughter’s practice or recital for the fifth time. They aren’t actively looking for a job on Indeed or on Monster but radio reaches them and can let them know they have other options for employment. With radio you can utilize theatre of the mind to attract the ideal candidates and articulate your company’s values and brand.

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