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Let’s face it, in today’s climate, it’s almost impossible to recruit qualified applicants to your company.

Zimmer Marketing offers Recruitment Marketing Services Joplin MO

Our approach is different from others. We deploy a multi-approach to recruitment versus a boring print ad, or just utilizing a job site where your ad is lost among the hundreds of other jobs. Zimmer combines both intrusive media (radio) with digital tactics to target employment seekers.

First, we tell your story by utilizing radio advertising, which connects a human voice to your brand in a way that digital and newspaper ads can’t; there are endless opportunities for creative storytelling that weaves in emotion and logic. That makes radio a fantastic recruitment tool if your company is looking to find good employees and fill positions while growing awareness. It’s been said a customer must like you before they will buy from you; it’s no different with recruiting today’s best talent.

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You can tell your story about how your company is different and inviting to potential applicants. Radio recruitment ads can detail information such as the type of employee you’re seeking and the work ethic you require, making it a good way to let all listeners know about your brand’s mission and company culture.

Secondly, we utilize digital tactics to find candidates searching for their next opportunity including GeoFencing, and Search targeting.  Combined with the on-air messaging and digital targeting we cast a larger net to bring in the most possible applicants.

Recruiting on the radio can build your brand even among people who aren’t prospective employees but might be prospective customers. That’s because listeners are still hearing your name repeatedly, and getting to know the values at your core.

Radio– unlike a digital job listing–reaches employed people on their way to and from work throughout the day. Maybe they’re tired of missing their daughter’s sports practice or recital for the fifth time. They aren’t actively looking for a job on Indeed or on Monster, but radio reaches them and can let them know they have other options for employment. With radio, you can utilize the theatre of the mind to attract the ideal candidates and articulate your company’s values and brand.

Zimmer Marketing has helped recruit applicants for factory, industrial, service industry recruitment, employment agencies, and medical positions.  Zimmer features over 300,000 monthly listeners with a multistation approached paired with digital Zimmer gets results.

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Zimmer Marketing can also utilize digital marketing to target people who are seeking future employment or actively looking right now with targeting. Also, Zimmer can target your digital ads to the bilingual community. We can produce your video ads or digital banner ads in Spanish.

Your company should be continually educating the community about why your business is the place to work and what you are doing for the benefit of the community. If you don’t tell your businesses story, who will? Recruitment Services Joplin MO.

Zimmer Marketing is a full-service marketing agency Joplin MO covering all aspects of marketing from radio to digital to website development and employee recruitment.

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