Video Pre-Roll Targeting

Share your video ad across thousands of targeted, relevant websites and apps.

If you think everybody skips through pre-roll video ads, think again. In reality, 70% of viewers watch pre-roll ads in their entirety.* And video is a powerful format to grab attention, entertain, get creative, showcase your brand, and inspire action.

You can use video pre-roll with any of our targeting solutions.


  • As YouTube moves toward a more subscription-based, non-advertising model, it is increasingly difficult to place video pre-roll ads effectively at reasonable CPMs. Instead, we offer video keyword targeting across thousands of websites in the same way we conduct display keyword targeting, along with video behavioral targeting and video ad networks.
  • Target specific categories of websites — thousands to choose from — with your video ad, typically fifteen or thirty seconds long.
  • You will only pay for impressions if at least 25% of your ad is viewed.

Tell the full story with a rich, engaging video ad targeted to your audience. Get in touch with Zimmer Digital Solutions to start today.