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Our Listeners Are Your Customers, Zimmer Radio is the number one, most listened to media group in Carthage MO, and the surrounding Four State Area. Our 6 stations reach nearly 400,000 different consumers (12+) each month. Further, each of our stations has an established, distinct brand with its own unique audience.

Advertising That Works

Advertising and getting the word out about your business can be difficult, so let our on-air personalities do the heavy lifting for you. By attaching your brand to some of the Four State’s most popular and trusted personalities, you immediately make a connection with our thousands of listeners.

Radio reaches 93% of people (12+) each week

Radio advertising results in an average sales increase of $6 for every $1 spent

Radio has the highest monthly reach with 259.7 million people (12+) beating TV with 253.3 million

Radio remains the favorite source of in-car entertainment by 81% of drivers


Big Dig 97.9

Audience Profile

Annual Household Income: 46% earn $50k+
Gender: 30% Female / 70% Male
Monthly Listeners: 58,700 (12+)

93.9 Classic Hits

Audience Profile

Annual Household Income: 46% earn $50k+
Gender: 49% Female / 51% Male
Monthly Listeners: 81,900 (12+)


Audience Profile

Annual Household Income: 69% earn $50k+
Gender: 38% Female / 62% Male
Monthly Listeners: 29,800 (12+)

Audience Profile

Annual Household Income: 48% earn $50k+
Gender: 54% Female / 46% Male
Monthly Listeners: 134,200 (12+)

Kissin 92.5

Audience Profile

Annual Household Income: 50% earn $50k+
Gender: 58% Female / 42% Male
Monthly Listeners: 148,100 (12+)
AM The Talker

Audience Profile

Annual Household Income: 52% earn $50k+
Gender: 47% Female / 53% Male
Monthly Listeners: 6,000 (12+)

Over 70,000

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Local Streaming Audio! We reach listeners directly on their devices with our stream apps!

Over 10,000

App Downloads

Our Stations Reach Customers All Over with Our Radio Apps for Each Individual Station.