Keyword Targeting

Serve up your ads on relevant websites — without contending with national brands and local competitors.

Not to be confused with pay-per-click text ads on Google, which only receive 10% of clicks and can put your ad right next to your competitor’s, keyword targeting shows your display or video ads on webpages that contain keywords related to your business.

With keyword targeting, your ad doesn’t get lost or ignored at the top of a Google results page — you show up on other websites where your target audience is spending time.


  • We’ll do our research and put together a list of suggested keywords, combined with the keywords you want as well.
  • We target webpages with ad widgets where keywords appear that are relevant to your business.
  • You can use keyword targeting to serve up display or video ads.

Avoid getting lost in the clutter, and reach your target audience on relevant websites. We can target up to 500 keywords, and you’re always in the loop about your campaign performance. Reach out to Zimmer Digital Solutions to talk to our team of experts.