Household IP Targeting

Target a specific list of households or businesses with highly relevant display or video ads.

An IP address is like a house address for the internet, which makes IP targeting like direct mail for the internet age. Unlike direct mail — which comes with high production costs, is difficult to track, and gives you one shot at success — household IP targeting gives you multiple opportunities to reach the exact audience you want. It works without cookies, which opens the door for extremely relevant ads targeted one-to-one down to a specific household or business.

Household IP Targeting can be done with any regular display ad size, native ads, and video pre-roll ads.


  • You share a data list — either purchased, or compiled by you — that includes address and name information. For university buildings and dorms, no list is needed.
  • While not every address on a list can be matched to their IP address, you’ll receive an appended list showing your exact matches before your campaign begins, and you’ll only pay for ads targeted to match addresses.
  • We’ll ensure you’re reaching your lists at the optimum frequency and provide a match back report so you can see how many people were sold to from the IP targeting.

It doesn’t get more sophisticated than honing in on individual households. Get in touch with Zimmer Digital Solutions to learn more about this revolutionary advertising option.