While attracting new clients is often a challenge for most businesses, funeral homes face an even greater uphill task. Not many people like thinking about funerals unless they have to. However, this does not imply that funeral homes cannot market themselves at all.

In this tech-savvy age, a proper funeral home digital marketing strategy can help funeral homes connect with new clients and consequently boost their revenues. Here are some tips funeral homes can employ to optimize their marketing strategies.

Build a Relevant Website for Funeral Home Businesses

Having a relevant and fully functional website is a fundamental step to unlocking new levels of customer outreach and engagement. While funeral home website development is more or less similar to website development for other kinds of businesses, it should prioritize the following areas:

  • Having a modern look and mobile device optimization to maximize potential conversions
  • Providing useful information for potential clients in need of funeral home services
  • Integrating essential tools to make website navigation easier
  • Including multiple, standard online payment options for customer convenience
  • Providing contact information, and giving prospects a good reason to provide you with their contact information to upsell them in the future
Funeral home website development can yield more optimal results by hiring a competent web design agency.

Design a Professional and Tasteful Logo for Funeral Homes

Like most other businesses, trust and brand recognition are vital elements to achieving success. By designing a professional logo, funeral homes can become more recognizable and make their names easier to remember. A well-done logo also helps the business come across as professional, legitimate, and trustworthy.

Create an Active Blog to help tell your story and inform your customers

Nowadays, people not only read blogs to entertain themselves but also to gain new knowledge on topics relevant to them. That said, having an active blog with quality content, relevant keywords, and useful links should be part of any sound funeral home SEO strategy.

Funeral homes with blogs that provide extensive information on the services they offer are more likely to win more customers than funeral homes without blogs. For instance, if a prospect was comparing the funeral pre-planning services of two homes, and one had a basic website with a list of services and contact information, while the other had a website with helpful articles on funeral pre-planning services, they would likely pick the latter.

Funeral homes with active blogs appear more caring to their customers and knowledgeable about their services. However, funeral home SEO does not end at providing quality articles and requires integration with other elements of digital marketing.

Advertise Your Funeral Home Business online

Funeral homes can make it easy for potential customers to discover them by conducting online advertising campaigns, e.g., PPC (pay-per-click) advertising on Bing ads or Google ads. Using localized keywords that are specific to funeral home services can help boost conversions.

Some common search terms funeral homes can bid on include:

  • Funeral streaming services in town x
  • The affordable funeral home in town x
  • Cremation services in town x
  • Affordable pre-planning services in town x
Campaign monitoring throughout an advertising campaign prevents financial losses by pointing out the performance of different search terms based on their respective conversions.

Service Differentiation

Given the competitive nature of the funeral services industry, funeral homes should aim to stand out by identifying the services that differentiate them from their competitors and marketing aggressively to make potential customers aware. This “wow” element can make for a good selling proposition in a saturated market.

Some examples of service differentiation include:

  • Personalization options
  • Unique services
  • Green burial options
  • Service bundling options
  • A diverse selection of services
Funeral homes should mention all the services they offer and their costs on their websites since expenses are a major concern for many people during funeral planning. Also, it pays to research competitors such as online casket sites, crematory services, or other funeral homes to learn about what they offer, their marketing strategies, and how to beat them.

Why Zimmer for marketing your funeral home business

Although marketing a funeral home seems complicated, it is achievable and beneficial if approached correctly. Zimmer Marketing is a comprehensive marketing company that specializes in assisting funeral homes via SEO, social media management, Web Site Development, Pre-Roll video services, OTT, SEM campaigns, video production, and marketing. Contact us today and discover how we can help your funeral home grow.

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