Four States Small Businesses Marketing Grants

Remaining Grant Funds
Zimmer Marketing Marketing Grants

For over 60 years, Zimmer Marketing has partnered with small businesses to help them deliver their message in times of economic growth and in times of economic hardship.  The past two years have been incredibly trying for local businesses, and the recent inflation is yet another difficulty. As a small business ourselves, we’re very familiar with these challenges.

At Zimmer Marketing, we’re proud to introduce our Four State Small Business Marketing Grants, where we award up to $200,000 in matching grants to local small businesses! 

We’ll be matching your advertising investment dollar-for-dollar.

Once you apply for a marketing grant, we will review your information to make a determination. 

If selected, one of Zimmer’s marketing strategists will meet with you to create a custom plan that will include: 

  • A brainstorming session with our team of marketing professionals
  • A custom creative message

More about Zimmer:

  • Every month Zimmer Marketing’s network of stations reaches 300,000 listeners.
  • These listeners spend an average of $180 million each month in our local economy.

Is your business doing everything possible to get your unfair share?

Don’t wait. Apply today while grant dollars remain.


  • Dollar for Dollar matching grant
  • Grants are awarded first come, first serve pending award approval
  • Grant is not claimed until an agreement is signed
  • Once awarded, if grant is not claimed within 7 days, the grant is forfeit
  • Contract start date must be no later than 1/05/2023
  • If the contract is canceled, the remaining/unused grant balance will be forfeited the date the cancellation is received
  • The grants are for new business or new incremental advertising and no grant dollars may be applied to previous billing or current contracts already in place
  • The grant may be used by current partners for additional advertising.
  • Minimum campaign/contract amount $1,000
  • All Zimmer Marketing credit terms and procedural standards apply