Marketing Services for Dental Practices

Marketing Your Dental Practice the Smart Way with Zimmer Marketing

Marketing is a big deal for businesses in this day and age. It doesn’t matter if you’re at the helm of a dental clinic, a beauty salon, a dining establishment, or anything else along those lines. You should do your part to spread the word about your business to all of the members of your target audience. If you’re a hard-working dentist who wants to market all of your services, then we’re a company that can help you easily do so.  Let our team do the heavy lifting by building a marketing strategy to grow your practice.  We present clients with a vast array of pertinent and effective marketing specialties. Zimmer Marketing can blow you away with everything from website development to social media marketing and digital targeted marketing services.

Dental Practice Marketing

Digital advertising is and has long been a focal point for our agency. If you want to reap the rewards of digital marketing, you cannot go wrong with our mastery. Our team members can help you with all facets of PPC or pay-per-click advertising. Businesses that want to advertise themselves with prominent social media platforms often turn to us. We can help you spread the word about your practice via Facebook. What makes Facebook ads such a game-changer for dental practices? These ads can help you target your ideal patients. If you want to search high and low for prospective patients based on their neighborhoods, age classifications, careers, or anything else similar, these ads can get you on the right track. It doesn’t matter if you want your dental office’s website to get more traffic daily. It doesn’t matter if you simply want to get access to brand new patients and profits. Zimmer Marketing specializes in social media advertising for dental practices with the knowledge that’s expansive and constantly growing.

Targeted Marketing for Dentists

Our dental marketing team knows a lot about targeted display advertising and how it works. We can help you put together with pertinent banner advertisements that are suitable for people who surf the web via both desktop computers and mobile devices. Dental offices that are interested in banner ads that are associated with superior targeting may want to learn more about the targeted display realm. The same thing applies to dental offices that are interested in getting to prospective patients based on their demographics, places of residence, and pastimes.

Video Marketing for Dental Practices 

If you have any curiosity regarding OTT or “over-the-top” advertising, we can aid you. If you have any interest in pre-roll video content, we can still aid you. Pre-roll ads have been gaining significant traction among dental clinic marketers in recent times. These ads can effectively spread the word about your office to patients. They can lead to engagement that’s strong and unwavering. They can assist you with the generation of promising leads. They can even encourage patients to commit to calling your practice to set up upcoming appointments. We can assist you with pre-roll ads that are skippable. We can assist you with pre-roll ads that aren’t skippable as well. We even know a lot about bumper ads.

Our team members have a lot of keyword search proficiency. If you want to master the art of rock-solid keyword selection, we have your back. Keyword research can boost your dental office website’s conversions. It can engage your audience members. It can offer you targeting assistance that’s detail-oriented as well.

Direct Mail for Dentists 

Our direct mail marketing assistance is in a league of its own. This form of marketing can give your practice access to superior response rates. It can give you marketing guidance that’s particularly targeted. It can even encourage your audience members to have ample confidence in your dental office. If you’re searching for marketing powerhouses who know a lot about the direct mail track, we’re right here for you.

Our dental marketing wizards know a lot about the email world. We can provide you with an email marketing service that’s attentive, contemporary, and effective. What are the advantages of marketing your dental office using email? Email marketing can help you get to an audience that’s sizable. It can help you get to audience members who are engaged. It can strengthen your practice’s revenue considerably at the same exact time.

SEO for Dental Practice

SEO or “search engine optimization” is a major focal point for our firm. What exactly can SEO assistance offer your office? It can open you open to site traffic that’s of a higher caliber. It can give you access to higher numbers of clicks. It can help you surpass other dental practices that are your rivals, too.

Our geofencing assistance can simplify the process of getting to potential patients. It can boost the number of patients who call you to pencil in appointments. It can strengthen
your engagement in a major way simultaneously.

Social media marketing can do a lot to promote your dentist clinic via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and beyond. Our social network savvy can help you with everything from posting times to patient interactions.

Website Development for Dental Practices

Website development can do a lot for your practice’s Internet presence. If you want to revel in speedy page load times, user-friendly design, and anything else just as pertinent, all you have to do is let our firm know.  Zimmer performs a keyword study prior to writing one line of code this is the foundation of your site.  We build from keywords to help you get found by Google and other search engines.   Important features capturing the essence of your practice, to being your first presentation for new clients.  We can help interface with your patient management system to book cleaning appointments online.
Contact the hard-working staff at Zimmer Marketing as soon as possible to learn more about our dental marketing specialties.

Branding Campaign Development for Dentists

If you want to advertise your dental office via radio, we can help you do so. Radio marketing can give you the gift of nuanced targeting. It can open you up to sizable audiences. It can even help you hone your brand and its identity. We can help you put together a radio marketing campaign that can empower you to genuinely bond with your target audience members. Radio marketing is associated with a reach that’s unrivaled in the size department.

Zimmer Marketing is a full service marketing company providing SEOWeb Site Development, SEM campaigns, OTT, Pre-Roll video services, video production, Social Media management, and audio production campaigns.  We service companies across America and we pride ourselves in being responsive and focused on developing new businesses for our dental partners.