Youtube Gaming Sponsorships

Youtube Gaming Sponsorships

Youtube gaming sponsorships are a real “game-changer.” Don’t skip this opportunity to be at the forefront of this action. Contact us today at Clout Boost. We utilize our data-driven methods to get your channel the sponsorship it deserves. You don’t want to miss out on this chance.

What is a Youtube gaming sponsorship?

The gaming sponsorships are different from Youtube’s other channels that have sponsors. Beauty bloggers or other vloggers have sponsors who get recognition or advertisements during their videos. Gaming sponsorships work with live-streaming gamers. For a nominal flat fee, people and brands can pay to have their name and logo shown during live chats and live gameplays.

While live chats are still reasonably new, the potential is limitless. For a few as low as $5, brands and people get several minutes of exposure. This has tremendous ROI potential. Channels also add special perks for their viewers, like exclusive chats just for sponsors.

This is also fantastic for the gamers themselves. Professional gaming is a growing industry, but there are still a lot of players seeking compensation. Until there are more professional competitions, this allows additional gamers to monetize their skills. These channels enable more gamers to a chance to get their names out there.

Benefits of Youtube

Youtube has a tremendous reach for gamers and beyond. Youtube ranks as the 2nd most used search engine after Google and the 2nd most visited site on the internet. It is the #2 network for social media behind Facebook. Every day roughly 30 million people visit the site watching somewhere in the range of 5 billion videos. Monthly, the site has 1.9 billion visitors. Those stats are eye-popping.

For a gamer who wants to play full-time, Youtube is a huge chance for them to increase their profile. If they create compelling content and optimize their SEO properly, their channels can grow exponentially. With more viewers comes the chance for Youtube gaming sponsorships, and the ability to live off the income.

How do you drive traffic to your Youtube channel?

Before you can consider sponsors for your channel, you must drive traffic to your channel. If you provide quality content, existing viewers will stay, and increasing traffic and viewership will be much easier. These are some useful tips on how to increase your traffic:

  • Share your channel with your friends and encourage them to share it with as many people as they can
  • Make sure you have proper camera equipment. That is crucial for channels of this nature
  • Just be yourself. Viewers want authenticity. Don’t try to put on an act for the cameras and hope its what viewers want to see
  • When posting a video that isn’t live, use keywords in your titles and hashtags to aid you in finding more subscribers
  • Thank people who take the time to leave comments on your content, even if it isn’t positive. Manners are important

Don’t wait any longer to get your Youtube channel growing. Contact Clout Boost today, and we can get to work on building your audience and securing your Youtube gaming sponsorships.

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Youtube Gaming Sponsorships Youtube Gaming Sponsorships Youtube Gaming Sponsorships