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Website design is not dead because the millennial generation will use browsers to learn more about a brand or product they saw on an app. There are a couple of well-documented phases of designing a website and the information below slants to how most designers get through creating a site, including Zimmer Marketing web designers.

A website design should offer more than simple aesthetics. The outlook is only the first step of attracting visitors to clink your pages and products. Our goal is to include various texts, visuals, and interactions that promote the entire marketing and make for a holistic web design process.

Overview of the web design process

Gather information

Many things determine the final web design results. The first step involves a stable perception of your brand and products to create business dreams and goals that align with your values. Our web designer will ask as many questions as necessary to understand the following:

  • The purpose of an online website
  • Your target audience, such as the gender and age of people who need your products
  • The kind of content that keeps your target audience interested


The information will help us plan the main topics and structure of the website. We need to develop a navigational system that is consistent with your customer and brand. The planning phase will also help us decide which technologies match your targets, such as a content management system or a point-of-sale technology.


The target audience is one of the critical factors of both marketing and web design. A site aimed at teenagers will look different from a scholarly site. We use this basis to incorporate unique elements like the logo and colors into the site's fabric. Our webs designer creates several prototypes of the site or considers multiple themes to give your site the best possible design.

Our goal is to include you in the decision-making to assess the compatibility of the design with your needs and ideas by staying in constant communication throughout the design process.


This stage is where all the programming magic happens. We turn the shell of ideas into an actual site, with complete interior pages, navigation structures, and interactive forms. The website designer continues to engage you in communication so you can suggest corrections that will maximize functionality. The final stage of development involves testing the final details on multiple devices and browsers to ensure complete compatibility.


The project does not end after the launch. Our website design in Springfield MO includes aftercare services like fixing broken links, editing final adjustments, and making sure the site can accommodate fluid changes on an hourly or daily basis.


The websites become a living and breathing entity of your business when they can run all orders without a single crash. Our job will be to make changes to the backend system, such as updating the software and database.

Are you ready to give your business the necessary boost with a modern and affordable website? Contact our web specialist (417-624-1025)today for a consultation and a quote for your particular project.

Website Design Springfield Mo
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Website Design Springfield Mo
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Website Design Springfield Mo Website Design Springfield Mo Website Design Springfield Mo
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