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Web Design Company Boise

Web Design Company Boise

Web design is an integral asset for any business. Web design is basically how a website looks, feels, and how it functions. An easy and friendly user interface attracts more customers which will eventually help businesses to retain existing and potential customers. There are many Boise web design companies that claim their services to create remarkable websites for your business. However, choosing the correct web design agency for your business is tricky. Idaho style is regarded as the top-of-the-line provider of web developers in Boise ID.

Creating a website can be exhilarating but you might be confused when you research and find that many people are using HTML to code websites while others are using CMS. There is a difference between HTML and CMS.


HTML is considered to be the easiest and simplest way to code a website that will help you build a professional website. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Website developers require an HTML markup language to design and create websites for businesses. It is the easiest language commonly used by beginners. Other languages mainly used by experts include GML ( Generalized Markup Language) XML (Extensive Markup Language), and LaTex. HTML helps to create a website that does not look at the unformatted text. With the help of HTML, you can drag and format images, add style to the content, add colors, change fonts, embed video, and much more.


While on the other hand, CMS stands for Content Management System. This is software that is necessary to build a website. With CMS software you can build and manage the digital text. It also provides you with templates. It supports a user-friendly editor WYSWYG, which is more like Microsoft word.

There are many kinds of CMS software, some of which include Tumblr, WordPress, Joomla, Wix, and Drupal. These topmost options of CMS allow you to make changes to your content, index your content, visual editors can be used to edit formation a lot more. With the advancement in technology, these CMS options come with great opportunities and tools that permit you to design and build classic, modern and professional websites for your business.

Being a reputable web design company in Boise we provide you with various CMS options that will ensure you create an incredible website for your firm CMS Options

  1. WordPress: At our web design company in Boise CMS software, WordPress holds the largest market share because of being easy. It is not only easy but it permits you to customize content using thousands of available themes and plugins. So for an out-class experience, WordPress is a great option. It gives intuitive publishing and choice for content management. It also has a powerful editor which allows you to edit vast content with comfort.
  2. Joomla: Like word press, it might not be as user-friendly as WordPress for beginners but it is also considered one of the best CMS. It has other options that make it flexible. It provides incredible assistance for custom post types and multilingual support. Moreover, it provides unique templates for every other page type. So for the latest user management option, Joomla is an option.
  3. Drupal: Among great CMS options, our web design company, Drupal also holds a strong position. Like others, it also provides relaxed custom post creation, progressive user management, permission options, assistance for multilingual sites, and a thorough taxonomy system. Above all, it is found to provide more security for your website than Joomla or WordPress.

For the tailored made website that is designed while keeping in mind your requirement and objective reach the best web designers in Boise ID at Idaho style. Start your project today.

Web Design Company Boise

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Web Design Company Boise Web Design Company Boise Web Design Company Boise