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Black Media Companies

When someone talks about successful Black Media Companies, 360Wise is always at the top of that list. This marketing agency based in Hollywood, California, has proved to be one of the finest black-owned media companies in the country and continues to provide all its customers with top-of-the-line service.

With clients scattered throughout the world, from Europe to the Middle East and all the way to Asia, 360Wise is among the country's leading marketing agencies. Its revenues don't lie, as its estimates add up to $5 million in recent years; amazing numbers considering the increasing competitiveness of this particular area.

The success of 360Wise is remarkable if one thinks about the professional sector in which it exists. Traditional media has often been dominated by elites that more than often dismiss the potential of minority markets, the reason why black-owned newspapers and media companies have been historically under-appreciated.

However, this company has been able to position itself as one of the top black-owned media agencies thanks to its impressive ability to provide its clients with groundbreaking marketing techniques.

Let's check out how 360Wise managed to get to the top 1% by reviewing what they offer and how it's different from conventional marketing companies.

Providing Unparalleled Location Based Marketing

One of the best alternatives to traditional marketing strategies is location-based social media advertising services, a technique that has been continuously improved by the talented staff of black digital publishers at 360Wise.

These services focus on local markets as a way to define the specific characteristics of an advertising campaign, targeting only those potential clients living near the place where a particular product or service is offered.

Through what is known as proximity marketing, 360Wise guarantees enhanced marketing guidance focused on targeted content distribution. Either by local broadcasting or mobile media, this strategy has become increasingly crucial for any brand that wants to prevail in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

Public Relations Marketing at its Very Best

Even the best ones, marketing strategies aren't able to fulfill their whole potential if not accompanied by a well-developed and personalized public relations program.

Both of these services are thought to complement each other while simultaneously aiding the brand to reach its objectives, either on a local or a global scale.

360Wise counts with an expert team of marketing experts that will develop a goal-oriented public relations plan. This strategy aims to create a strong relationship with customers by using creative marketing dynamics intertwined with effective influencing techniques.

This black-owned company has proven to be highly successful when it comes to mediating the relationship between different types of institutions, artists, and brands with the press. In doing so, many clients reached unprecedented heights as its features and benefits are presented to the public in attractive and innovative ways.

Influence Marketing: a must in our current world

Social media has been the most important change our civilization has had in the past years. It has transformed how we communicate, consume, and chose our way of living.

Understanding the importance of this trend, 360Wise has developed groundbreaking techniques to reach audiences even when streams of never-ending information constantly bombard them.

The results of these influencer marketing strategies have been exceptional, as companies under the guidance of 360Wise have promoted their products, services, and art pieces in unprecedented ways.

Such success has made 360Wise one of the best companies that are black-owned globally, disrupting markets and engaging audiences as never seen before.

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