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A planned out and effective marketing program can bring in new customers. Designing and implementing a marketing program for a pest control business is no different. If you own or run such a business, you have many advertising and marketing options. You need to attract residential and commercial customers; each one takes a different approach. One of the most important things you should remember with a marketing plan is to have cohesion and consistency across the marketing platforms. A professional agency, such as Zimmer marketing, can help you do that.  The best pest control digital marketing company.

The Need for Effective Marketing for Exterminators

If you want to maximize your potential, pest control marketing is necessary. Think about how your customers find out about the great services you offer. Your services are tailored to your customers’ needs and situations. Your marketing program should be tailored to your business needs. You can offer innovative and comprehensive services, but without a marketing program, your company may not reach its full potential. Marketing matters; it is more important than ever to invest your marketing dollars effectively. A professional marketing services company can help you to do that affordably.

Website Development Pest Control Companies

Your pest services can be complex. Depending on the pest, customers need to schedule your services for biological, physical, or mechanical solutions. Everyone knows a web site is essential. Said a better way, an effective website is essential. This can be the engine behind your digital marketing program. Zimmer marketing has a full staff of professionals that can help design a website for your company. They will integrate key elements, services, and functionality. They will ensure your web site ties in with the other parts of your marketing plan.  Before we build a website, we start with a keyword study, every site must have a strong keyword foundation before we start writing code.

SEO Pest Control Companies

Making sure the SEO foundation is built for your pest control business website is key!  Before our company builds a site, we do a keyword discovery project.  Then we build the site around these keywords.  We can also do an SEO site review on existing sites and make SEO recommendations.

Social Media Marketing Pest Control Companies

Social media is a significant part of a marketing program. This is an area that businesses do not want to make mistakes; customer impressions are quick and memorable. Since you may not get a second chance at social media, it is wise to engage a company that has experience in social media marketing and management.

Serving a defined geographic area lets, you run your business and service customers to the high standards they expect. How do you control the marketing in your service area? There is a service in digital marketing called Geo-fencing. Geo-fencing can be used in two ways. If you want to market in a defined geography, Geo-fencing will limit your campaign to defined geography. If you are looking to expand into a new geography, Geo-fencing can target the zip codes for your expansion. This marketing message would be designed differently with customer acquisition as the goal.

In your business, you offer many categories of services under the banner of “pest control”. Whether it is commercial-building mitigation, insect, or wildlife control, potential customers will often search by the specific issue they are having. Zimmer marketing has effective tools and will work with you to optimize Google and other search results so your customers can find your service on the web. You can generate leads to increase in sales. The program’s effectiveness will be monitored by Zimmer with feedback given to you.

Direct Mail and Email Campaigns Pest Control Companies

Direct mail and email campaigns can both be effective. Residential services are often served well by a direct mail campaign. Email marketing campaigns can serve as a customer retention tool. Imagine one of your services that should be done semi-annually or annually. If your current customer base received an email reminding them of the service date, they are more likely to remember and have the service performed. This is an effective way to build a business.

Radio Commercial Campaign Pest Control Companies

Radio advertising can be a significant contributor to your marketing plan. Pest control is a service that is often needed without notice. Radio Advertising can help keep your name and brand be top of mind. Radio advertising also helps support the digital elements of a marketing program.  We can develop the radio creative for your pest control business.

A Team to Support Your Pest Control Company

Zimmer has a team of business development professionals that can cover your needs from start to finish. A team member will meet with you and conduct a needs analysis. After listening to your goals and what is important to you, Zimmer will design and implement a marketing program. A team of graphic designers, web developers, and marketing specialists can develop the print, digital, audio, and video elements that will contribute to your successful campaign.

Eliminating residential and commercial pests is an important service. Business is competitive. You need to get the attention of new customers and maintain your relationship with current customers. Doing a single marketing activity is not enough. One activity supports another. If your goal is to grow your business, working with a marketing firm that can provide comprehensive services with a cohesive message is critical. Pest control marketing allows you to be proactive and reach your market potential.

Zimmer Marketing is a full service marketing company providing SEOWeb Site Development, SEM campaigns, OTT, Pre-Roll video services, video production, social media management, and marketing.  We serve pest control companies across America and can build a strategic plan for your company today.

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