Native Ads

Blend into the website or app where your ads are seen to get higher clicks and conversions.

More and more advertisers are investing in native ads because, simply put, they don’t feel like ads. In fact, native makes up more than 50% of digital display spend today.

With native advertising, your ads match the look, feel, and visual context of where they’re seen. Your brand benefits from the trust the user has for that site or app, and you avoid the pitfalls of ad blocking software to secure higher click through rates. Depending on the site or mobile app where your ad appears, it could take on any of hundreds of formats to be part of a seamless user experience.


  • Pick from 2,000 native targeting categories of demographics, behaviors, and interests, and target a list of up to 500 relevant keywords.
  • Your native ads are created in real time to match the look, feel, and visual context of the website or app where they’re placed.
  • You also have the option to target contacts on an email list when they browse online, and a lookalike audience of people with similar characteristics to those on your list.
  • When you target an email list and lookalike audience with native ads, we show you a “match back” list of sales attributed to your ads, plus additional email addresses collected for greater ROI.

Native advertising is more than a trend — it’s a best practice that’s here to stay. Tap into the benefits with Zimmer Digital Solutions.