Facebook and Instagram Targeting

Maximize your social media reach, drive traffic to your website, and find qualified candidates on the most popular social platforms.

Did you know that the average person spends 35 to 50 minutes browsing on Facebook everyday?  At the same time, only 5% of small- and medium-sized businesses advertise on Facebook — that’s a tremendous opportunity for your brand!

You can reach people across devices with targeted ads in their News Feeds, on Facebook’s Audience Network, and through Facebook Messenger. There are thousands of targeting categories are available, and a variety of ad options. All ads can be carousel or single image, with the exception of Event Response Ads, which are single image only.


  • Facebook and Instagram News Feed Carousel Ads showcase up to 10 images or videos (or a combination of the two) within a single ad unit, where each panel features a call-to-action button and links to any of your website pages.
  • Facebook and Instagram News Feed Collection Ads allow users to tap on your ad to browse multiple products within a fast-loading full-screen landing page, without leaving the app. Images or videos can link to your website.
  • Facebook Event Response Ads can be used to promote an upcoming event and link to an Event Page on your Facebook Business Page, which we can create for you. Users who click the “Interested” button will get reminders about your event.
  • Facebook and Instagram News Feed Job Listing Ads feature an Apply Now button, which takes users to your Facebook Business Page to complete a pre-populated form and submit to you through Facebook Messenger.
  • Facebook and Instagram News Feed Branded Content Ads look like posts featuring your business and can be single image, carousel, or video.
  • Facebook Messenger Ads serve up the same creative you run for your Facebook News Feed campaign in users’ Messenger Feeds, but are display only (no video).
  • Facebook News Feed Instant Article Ads load your ad within articles from publishers.
  • You can even extend your reach beyond Facebook, targeting users of Facebook’s Audience Network on other apps and websites that Facebook partners with. Use the same creative to extend the life of your Facebook News Feed campaign, and the ad will be formatted to fit the context where it appears.

In addition to the options above, we can target a custom audience and create lookalike lists to reach specific people and those like them on Facebook and Instagram. Explore your many social media advertising options — contact Zimmer Digital Solutions.