Event Targeting

Target people during and after specific events, even if they took place months ago.

There are all kinds of events that draw crowds throughout the year in the Four State Area — from concerts and festivals to auto shows and industry conventions. No matter the crowd you’re interested in, you can take advantage of event targeting to reach people the day of the action, or weeks down the line.

Depending on the nature of the event, we’ll share our recommendations for the best ways to target the audience you want to reach.


  • For social events where attendees are sharing photos and updates in real time, target people with Facebook or Instagram News Feed Ads as they post.
  • For work conventions where people gather at hotels and business centers, consider IP Targeting Ads to zero in on specific locations.
  • With geofencing and geo-retargeting ads, you can target people while they’re at an event, and then follow them after the event to continue showing them your ads.
  • If you missed an event, you can use geo-framing to go back in time. You tell us about the past event, and we map unique device IDs from smartphones that were at the event back to home addresses to serve those people your ads across devices.

Focus your digital marketing efforts around specific events with Zimmer Digital Solutions. Contact us to discuss your event targeting objectives.