Behavioral Targeting

Capture data on previous online behavior to create relevant ads that align with your target audience’s specific needs and interests.

Imagine that within the last 30 days, someone visits a webpage, reads a blog, shares a tweet, clicks on a link, and downloads a coupon — all related to fitness. This type of online activity would land the user in behavioral categories like exercise, health food, and gym membership, and they can expect to see ads from brands in these categories.

With behavioral targeting, your ads are shown to specific consumers based on their online behavior and history. It’s a win-win — they get a more targeted experience, and you get a more engaged audience that can help improve click-through-rates and interaction.


  • Consumers visit websites, and behaviors like page views, clicks, searches, and time spent on page are tracked.
  • This information is compiled into Behavioral Categories that we can target with your ads, pinpointing highly curated audience segments.

Our global data network provides a pool of more than 3 billion cookies and 2 billion mobile device IDs, which means you can get granular with the type of audience you want to reach. Contact Zimmer Marketing to learn more.

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